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Geneviève Reese, named after Saint Geneviève--the Patron Saint of Paris-- started writing stories at the age of five. Originally she went to college to become a doctor but that chapter of her life didn't last long. She found herself unable to concentrate in class because she would often daze off into her own world creating characters and stories that she would jot down in her notebook with hopes of one day sharing them with the world.

After spending years successfully working in the entertainment business, Geneviève eventually got up the nerve to leave the corporate world behind and follow her dream of becoming a writer--no matter how crazy some thought the idea was.

Following the success of her first novel, "Through The Fire", Geneviève had no doubt in her mind that taking that first "leap of faith" to follow her dreams was absolutely the right decision. She has since branched out to also become a successful screenwriter and film producer.

Geneviève splits her time living between Los Angeles (USA) and London (UK). When not at home, she spends a great deal of time traveling the world doing what she loves most--charity work.




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